Adult Sailing Lessons Level 2 2019/2020 Season

Congratulations on the work you did in completing the level 1 course.

The prerequisites for this course are:

 Be a member of the club (indicative costs are detailed below)
 Be competent and have completed level 1 course
 Have a copy of the Sailing Log Book National Sailing Scheme 2001

If you have not completed Level 1 with MPYC and are not a member the fee is $370. If you have, the
Level 2 is part of the membership benefits.

Having your own boat would be an advantage, although we may make boats available for the course.
The lessons will normally be held in Lasers or your own yacht. Also remember to bring suitable
clothing footwear and hat as well as a buoyancy vest if you have one.
Because of the nature of the sport, weather conditions can change and be unsuitable.

Also facilities in the form of suitable boats and instructors may also not be available. MPYC make no guarantees as to
availability of facilities on any particular day. The decision to sail is with the Officer of the Day and
with the Instructor

Structure of the Course

The pattern will be similar to that we did in level 1 with a mixture of theory and practical. Also one
day introducing, one day revising and one day test with a course test at the end followed by two days
where you assist either on the start boat or a pick up boat with experienced skipper.

A total of about eight days. Assume that the day’s program will take about five hours. Some of the tides are early so we will do
some of the theory after the on the water session.

You are welcome to have a shower after the lesson and refreshments in the clubhouse. 

Topics that will be covered include:
 Parts of the rig
 Parts of the boat
 Advanced safety
 Knots
 Fitness and injury prevention
 Weather
 Tides and currents
 The five essentials
 Points of Sailing
 Launching and retrieval
 Close quarters sailing
 Taking advanced
 Gybing advanced

 Coming alongside another boat
 Man overboard
 Backward Sailing
 Rules

Although Spinnaker handling is not part of the official course we will provide instruction on that
following this course.

We look forward to having you join us for this course.

Happy sailing
Best regards
Alex Eason
Instructor / Sailing Master