Sailing Programme

Programme 22/23

Note we need at least three volunteers for every sailing day, please make sure you have added your name to the roster for at least three sailing days during the season at this link.

Sat 51451 2.4All Classes1430Sprint Racing
Sun 61543 2.4All Classes1530Club Racing
Wed 91808 2.3All Classes1800Twilight Sailing
Sat 120811 2.3-Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Sun 130856 2.2-Lesiure Sailing Opportunity
Sat 191330 2.2All Classes1330Club Racing
Sun 201416 2.2All Classes1415Club Racing
Thur 241730 2.3All Classes1745Twilight Sailing
Sun 270755 2.6-Lesiure Sailing Opportunity
Sat 31355 2.4All Classes1345Canterbury ILCA Champs (PPYC) - leave MPYC 1300
Sun 41430 2.3All Classes1430Canterbury ILCA Champs (PPYC) - leave MPYC 1345
Thur 81746 2.2All Classes1745Twilight Sailing
Sat 10ILCA South Island Championships (Vauxhall YC, Dunedin)
Sun 11ILCA South Island Championships (Vauxhall YC, Dunedin)
Sat 171202 2.1All Classes1200Short Course Laid Marks (Hobson Cup)
Sun 181248 2.2All Classes1245Short Course Laid Marks
Tue 270832 2.6--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Wed 280929 2.6--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Thur 291025 2.5--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Fri 301121 2.5--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Sat 311217 2.4--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Sun 11313 2.3--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Mon 21408 2.2--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Tue 31501 2.2--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Wed 41551 2.2--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Sat 141041 2.2All Classes1040Sailing Committee Trophy
Sun 151126 2.1All Classes1125Club Racing
Thu 19 – Sun 22---ILCA National Championships (Murray’s Bay SC, Auckland)
Mon 231843 2.5All Classes1800Twilight Sailing
Sat 281057 2.4All Classes, Open Event945Volvo Style Round the Estuary (Hutchinson Cup)
Sun 291153 2.3All Classes1145Estuary Champs (PPYC) - Leave MPYC 1100
Mon 61819 2.1All Classes1800Twilight Sailing Waitangi Day 2023
Sun 121010 2.1All Classes1015Short Course Laid Marks
Sat 181532 2.4All Classes1515Sprint Racing
Tue 211822 2.5All Classes1800Twilight Sailing
Sat 250937 2.4All Classes945Estuary Champs (PPYC) - Leave MPYC 0900
Sun 261032 2.3All Classes1030Commodore’s Trophy
Sat 41541 2.1All Classes1540Class Club Champs (Short Course Laid Marks)
Tue 71745 2.1Committee1800Twilight Sailing
Sun 120856 2.2--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Sat 181418 2.3Sail GP-Sail GP - no club sailing, Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Sun 191515 2.4Sail GP-Sail GP - no club sailing, Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Wed 221801 2.5All Classes1800Twilight Sailing
Sat 250816 2.4--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Sun 260911 2.3--Leisure Sailing Opportunity
Sat 11420 2.1All Classes1420Short Course Laid Marks
Sun 21405 2.1All Classes1405Short Course Laid Marks
Sat 151207 2.3All Classes, Open Event1200Buxton Cup
Sun 161303 2.3All Classes1300Sprint Racing
Sat 291153 2.0All Classes1200Short Course Laid Marks
Sun 301239 2.1All Classes1240Short Course Laid Marks
Sat 131056 2.3All Classes1050Club Sailing
Sun 141151 2.3All Classes, Open Event1145Closing Day